Widomaker Overwatch Womens Cosplay Costume | Odile Skin Cosplay Outfit


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Widomaker Overwatch Womens Cosplay Costume | Odile Skin Cosplay Outfit

Widowmaker women`s outfit inspired by Widowmaker elegant and fatal Odile skin from Overwatch Video Game. Amélie Lacroix, better known as Widowmaker – is one of the most popular and the most dangerous characters from Overwatch Video Game. At the beginning of her story, she was a famous French ballerina, but then she was captured by Talon organization and made super tough sniper. Our masters have been creating Widowmaker`s Odile Skin costume with high attention to details and with high-level craftsmanship. Visor and bracer on hand have onoff switchable LED lights in it. This cosplay costume will be a perfect solution for cosplay events, parties, and a Halloween costume.

✔️  In this costume included:

✔️  Corset – created of high-quality leatherette and lined with dublerine. Whalebone insertions make item hard and real full functional corset – not just decorative looking element. 
 ✔️  Dress with petticoats – sewn of high-quality leatherette in color match with a corset and all other elements of costume

✔️   Leatherette choker
✔️   Leatherette glove on the left arm
✔️   Leatherette bow strips for hair

✔️  Accessories:
✔️  Half-helmet with prop feathers and LED lights – crafted of EVA foam with handmade detailing and prop gems. Item got feathers also created of EVA foam. LED lights are onoff switchable.
✔️  Bracer – hand made and painted with high-quality acrylic paints. LED- lights are also onoff switchable 

✔️  Costume is being sewed for individual body measurements. We send the list of measurements after agreeing all the details and purchasing a costume.


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