Whiskey Stone Grenade Shaped Stainless Steel with Storage Bag


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  • THESE WHISKEY CHILLERS BLOW DILUTION AWAY – Stainless steel whiskey cubes perfectly chill spirits without diluting them the way that ice does!
  • A SHAPE YOU’LL GET A BOOM OUT OF – These whiskey stones are shaped like grenades, making them more unique than conventional sipping stones!
  • COOLS DOWN FAST – Our whiskey stones will be ice cold in just a few hours in your freezer! Once chilled, the scotch rocks can perfectly chill a drink in just 3 to 4 minutes
  • BEST QUALITY WHISKEY ROCKS – Our whiskey rocks stainless steel grenades are fashioned out of 304 stainless steel, a material that won’t rust or corrode and that holds a cold temperature incredibly well
  • WON’T DILUTE YOUR BEVERAGE: The Whiskey grenade stones can be frozen for as little as an hour and still chill the liquor without making it watery. Don’t dilute your ice; instead, keep it classy and enjoy your favorite beverage.
  • PERFECT GIFT: These Whiskey grenade stones wine are a must-have gift for any occasion, and they’re even more beautiful in person than they appear online. You’ll be glad you gave these whiskey grenade stones as a present.


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