Metal American Flag with the Pledge of Allegiance


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Our Metal American Flag is approximately 26″tall by 46″ wide. Plasma cut, then hand ground to give definition and depth. Once ground, this piece is then rolled by hand to give the dimension of our flag flowing in the wind. Once rolled, this symbol of American Patriotism is then airbrushed by hand and finished with a clear powder coat.

For those of us familiar with the salt air, we know what salt can do to steel over time. That’s why we’ve created our metal decor using aluminum rather than steel. Aluminum reacts to the elements differently and is therefore not susceptible to rust. Additionally, aluminum is much more light weight than steel counterparts, putting less load on your walls. Although aluminum doesn’t weigh as much, this does not speak to the durability of this metal. With no rusting, easy hanging ability, and long term durability, our aluminum metal home decor makes a perfect addition as indoor and outdoor home decor.

Our Tattered American Flag is colored with a special dye that adheres to metal giving a translucent color. The aluminum is then powder coated to protect the surface of the aluminum and to give a shiny, beautiful finish. Powder coat is a thick, sturdy material used to protect outdoor furniture, machinery, even household appliances. We find that powder coating offers more reliable protection for our pieces than paint.

We love our flags and certainly hope you do as well!

Our metal home decor is the perfect art for your pool deck or patio, den, living room, beach house or vacation home.

Custom color requests? Just send us a message and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

All of our items are made here in Florida at our family run shop. All metal we procure is sourced from US factories. Quality is our #1 concern when it comes to our products.

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Thank you for considering Seaside Metal Design for your decorating needs! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


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