Hippie Chick Leather Sculpture – Female sculpture


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This Hippie Chick is a leather sculpture. She is unusual for several reasons but mostly because she is an upright free standing leather sculpture…..which is something that I have not seen before.

She has kind of a cute story. When I make my leather sculpture I pick a sunny and breezy day because Mother Nature helps me in my creations. When I formed her I thought I was making a sculpture of Saint Cecil, the patroness of music. I created her in the spring and she has been sitting quietly because I wanted to make sure that she would continue to stand upright. Well something must have happened between spring and the moment she landed on my work table because she went hippie on me. She just begged to be made into a hippie chick so what is a girl to do!

I love the way her head is tossed back in wild abandon as she plays her guitar. She is a woman of the earth in her green dress and scarf that pulls her long hair back that is blowing in the wind. On her dress is a peace symbol branded with flowers and a smiley face. She has words like groovy, peace, love, and music branded on her flowing dress. She was created on such a happy sunny day that it seems obvious that she has a citrine point that rests under her. The citrine is there for two reasons. One is because citrine is the stone of happiness and joy. The second reason……well its a secret…..dont tell, but it is there to hold her upright and keep her from being top heavy……that guitar is heavy!

The citrine point measures 3 1/2″ X 2″ X 2″. The hippie chick measures 9″ tall, 17″ wide at the base and about 11″ deep. She is very lightweight and will look great in your favorite nook.

If you have any questions about her just let me know and we can always personalize her too. There is plenty of room to add some personal touches.


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