Handmade Cowhide Leather Gun Case, Shotgun/ Rifle Case, Hunting Gun Case, Long Gun Case, Leather Rifle Case, OOAK


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This listing is for a one of a kind cowhide leather gun case, perfect for a rifle or long gun. This particular case is special and very unique for sure. As a leather worker I am always on the lookout for the most exciting and interesting leather hides I can find. Occasionally I get lucky and hit the leather “jackpot” and this was one of those times! I uncovered this awesome leather ruffle in the back room at one of my leather suppliers. This treasure trove of wonders is the place where my supplier hides her special pieces but from time to time I get the chance to go through and shop and try to negotiate something for my very own.

Never have I ever seen a leather ruffle but that is exactly what this is. During the processing of the leather sometimes things happen that cause a unique effect. I don’t think that this effect was due to the processing but rather the animal or a combination of things. I like the thought of the animals spirit and scars telling a story and that is what this piece is….a special story. So when you find a piece like this then you have to decide what it will be. It seemed like the perfect piece for a ruffle on the side of a gun case.

The entire case is made out of beautiful brown cowhide. The cowhide is very durable but also very supple and soft. The ruffle, which runs the length of the gun case is pliable but much stiffer than the rest of the case. It makes a lovely ornamentation and is a darker shade of brown which compliments very well. There is a natural color polyester fleece lining that runs the entire length of the case. This not only protects your gun but also gives it extra padding as you nestle it in the crook of your arm. At the open end of the case the natural fleece lining and rabbit fur meet. The rabbit fur can be seen around the opening to add just a little decoration. A piece of deer antler is sewn onto the outside.

This case measures 45″ long and is made to fit all standard shotgun and rifle lengths up to 48″ long.

Please let me know if you have any questions. The gun that you see in the pictures is NOT included in the listing but the case that you see is the exact case that you will receive.

Don’t let this one get away…. This is a one and only. Something this rare and beautiful also comes with a special price but now you know that this truly is one of a kind and though the price may reflect that, it will be worth it.

Thanks for shopping in my store!



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