Handmade 1911 Shoulder Holster with Magazine Carrier Custom sizes available, shoulder Rig


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The handmade 1911 Shoulder Holster is available at The American Store in several color options and styles. The shoulder holster pictured is Dark Brown and designed for a right-hand draw (carried on the left) with two magazines at the ready on the right. The Shoulder holster is completely adjustable to fit anyone’s size and needs. Also included, but not pictured are two adjustable belt straps that secure with a snap, they are removable for personal preferences.

This Shoulder Holster is available in three models. One without the magazine carrier and the others with either a single or double magazine carrier. Please see the drop-down option for pricing.

All Arcadian Craftsman Leatherwork Holsters are hand molded and designed to allow for a “high carry” profile which gives a better forward can’t and concealment when necessary. Each holster is handmade from quality 8-9oz leather hide, hand-stitched and dyed to a finish of your choice.

These holsters maintain a softer more plush feeling than most commercially made holsters due to the finishing process I use. This safe, natural finish allows for a better ergonomic feel while wearing the holster and helps to protect the finish of your firearm.

Each holster is double-walled at the opening of the holster to maintain the true form of your pistol which not only creates a better feel but allows you to re-holster your firearm easily and safely.

For all 1911 holsters please specify your barrel length and if you need a left-hand holster. Custom holsters are available as well, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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