Flute Ties, Native American flute, Native flute accessory, Plain White flute ties


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This listing is for a set (2) of flute ties. These are made to fit on Native American flutes and they are decorative as well as functional. One is used to hold the flute block in place and the other is used to cover the third hole and convert the flute from a six hole to a five hole flute. Sometimes the second piece is just used as a decoration too, in case you want to keep all six holes open.

These should fit on most flutes and the fringe is long enough that you can trim it if you would like it to be shorter.
The pair that you receive will be similar to this listing. If you have a specific need please email me.

There is a place to add a little custom branding if you want. If you like these but have something else in mind I do make custom flute ties. You can follow this link to place a custom order.

The ties will eventually conform to your flute but you will have to tighten them the first few times you play you flute until they mold to your specific instrument. To attach them you just made half of a knot. I tie the knot, then pull down on the ties and tighten again. Usually they get a good grip that way. If you have any questions just let me know.

Thank you for shopping in my store.

Please note that the flute in the pictures is not included in this listing.


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