FITS Colt Kimber Springfield Ruger Remington RIA Citadel 45 Model 1911 Tanned Leather Shoulder Holster & Mag Pouch Horizontal


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*This holster is made to fit 1911 pistols alone. Other than the 1911 models, it will not fit. 1911 handguns are available from a variety of manufacturers, and this holster will suit all FULL SIZE 5 inch 1911 variants. Like other leather pistol holsters, it requires a brief break-in period. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS HOLSTER FOR ANY OTHER PISTOL THAN THE 1911 MODEL. IT IS NOT GOING TO FIT!*NO FIREARM IS EVER INCLUDED SHOWN ONLY FOR DISPLAYING FIT.

*MOST 1911 MODELS WITHOUT RAIL FIT* PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION: 4 Easy Steps to Breaking in Your New Holster A basic break-in procedure is required for every leather holster. Some of our clients are dissatisfied with the fit of their brand new leather holsters when they first receive them. You don’t have to be concerned about the fit; we’re experts, and we promise that it will fit your pistol perfectly after BRAKING-IN. (PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU REQUIRE HELP)

*STRAPS The shoulder straps are manufactured from top-grade soft yet sturdy leather that makes the holster quite comfortable in the shoulder area even without the need for extra bulky padding (GOOD FOR CONCEALED CARRY). Shoulder harnesses include the ability to tighten the straps, making them suitable for a wide range of body sizes. The Thumb Break’s metal tab acts as leverage against the snap, allowing the user to open it with one finger. ‘Fast Draw’ is a game where you have to draw anything quickly.

*We are a family-owned company, and all of our pistol holsters are handcrafted by experienced artists with decades of leatherworking experience. BULLHIDE LEATHER IS USED IN THE MAKING OF OUR HOLSTERS. There will be no synthetic leather or mass-market manufacture.

*SHOULDER HOLSTER IN ULTIMATE LEATHER Right hand Tight enough fit for effective weapon retention Tie-Down Straps on both sides dual magazine holder included Extra Stainless Rivet supplied The leather is really supple, soft, and sturdy, and it will not fracture.


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