All About the Kooky and Spooky Addams Halloween Family!

All About the Kooky and Spooky Addams Halloween Family!
The Addams Family is definitely a multi-generational movie series of movies, syndicated TV shows, characters, toys and even cereals featuring the characters. While this will date the author, I remember the original Addams Family TV black and white! Ugh. The theme song is familiar to millions upon millions and can be recognized in countries across the globe.

The Addams Family is a fictional household created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The Addams Family has traditionally included Gomez and Morticia Addams, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, close family members Uncle Fester and Grandmama,[a] their butler Lurch, the disembodied hand Thing, and Gomez's Cousin It

This eclectic crew has entertained since Addams’ original cartoons appeared in the New Yorker magazine in the late ’30s! They exist in a small-town environment, constantly bumping into just everyday folks, and the surprise and the horror of the regular citizenry make for constant comedic entertainment.

After the cartoons, a TV series was launched in the mid ’60s and then followed by the first film, which was made as a TV movie, aired in 1977. This was then followed by the first feature film with a theatrical release in 1991, called The , Addams Family. Then, in 1993, Addams Family Values was released, and believe it or not, it was even nominated for Academy Awards.

The films were followed by others, and then, even a Broadway play, starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, which ran from 1998 - 1999. Now, a new The Addams Family is being released as an animated feature, called The Addams Family.

The release is scheduled for October 11, right in time for Halloween, 2019! And, American Store is thrilled to offer a variety of authentic, ghoulish yet stylish, costumes for young and old, alike!

So, check out the offers we have on costumes that sure to be a hit, and certainly be right on time! Join in The Addams Family adventures and shock your neighbors with elegance and scary style. Available at American Store!

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